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Natural & intelligent beauty therapy.

Beautifully blending the benefits of nature with the power of science to deliver exceptional skincare results.

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Love Your Skin

Love Your Skin


Passionate about the benefits of nature, inspired by the power of science and technology, at Ilu Hub we are committed to providing skin treatment solutions that reconnect you with the best healthy, beautiful skin you desire and deserve.

Spoil your body

Body Treatments

Whether your body needs to be flushed out of toxins with lymphatic drainage or just requires a nourishing touch, we’ve got you covered.

Treat yourself

Combination Treatments

Allow yourself some well deserved  ‘me time’ to reconnect with your skin, mind, body & soul by enjoying a combination of facial and body treatments.

Daily Necessities

Eye treatments | Foot Treatments | Facial Hair Removal

We specialise in enhancing eyebrows with regular or henna tint, sculpting and eyelash tinting and state of the art foot treatments.

Let’s have a look

Intelligent Skincare Consultation

Because you deserve your best skin.

If you’re unsure of what treatment is right for you, we offer a thorough skin consultation where we’ll discuss any skin concerns, goals, or questions you might have. During the consultation our expert therapist uses SD202 skin diagnostics technology to analyse lipids, hydration, melanin density, and erythema, ensuring tailored skincare advice and treatment plans.

Ilu [ee-loo];

Estonian n. beauty

English abbrev. ‘I love you’

What is ILU

Our Skin is more than skin deep and is ultimately an expression of the health of our body’s interconnected systems.

At Ilu Hub we are dedicated to delivering incredible skincare results through our commitment and belief in the benefits of clean, natural products, treatments and solutions that are backed by the power of science and technology.

Love + Beauty = Ilu:

We believe that beauty is a state of being authentic, genuine and sincere as you extend love to yourself and others.

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Ilu Hub are proud stockists of natural skincare ranges that are scientifically backed and proven to deliver a positive impact on your skin, and on the planet. These ranges are carefully selected and must be beautiful, both inside and out – they all practice sustainable and ethical processes and use only the purest, highest quality, cruelty-free ingredients, curated with care and integrity.

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